Creating an Outdoor Living Space

March 26, 2015

Kumquat is your style resource for creating a fresh and zesty personal garden paradise with an emphasis on unique outdoor furniture, ornaments, and features. We believe in the importance of incorporating the outdoors into your lifestyle for the promotion of general health and happiness. All it takes is a squeeze of dedication and willingness to trust yourself. That means that you, (yes you!) are the designer and what better place to play your personal design wild card than your very own great outdoors?

Too often we don’t trust ourselves to make a definitive design statement and get paralyzed into inaction. But don't worry, we're here to help! From inspiration to installation, we give you the get-the-look tools to create a distinctive outdoor space.  It’s time to explore the possibilities of creating a stylish space with garden furniture and other garden accessories without the need for an expensive landscape renovation.

So where do you begin? Get inspired! All successful projects begin with an inspiration, a passion to create something. Look at as many sources as you can for ideas including magazines, and both garden and interior design books. Take note, literally, of the images you respond to. Try to identify what elements you like about the styles. Is it the color of a wall, the tribal quality of the fabrics and baskets, the worn, tumbled bricks? Once you feel that toasty inspiration buzz its time get designing.

Tips for creating a dazzling outdoor living space

A truly expressive outdoor space doesn't come in a box. Every element that you use can tell a story or elicit an emotional response. Use these tips to break the mold and create a livable garden masterpiece.

Get Intimate

As you look at your outdoor space evaluate your assets and focus on creating a small, detailed garden room as opposed to trying to tackle an entire yard (you can always expand outward later). The effect will be richly embellished focal points that draw you in, as opposed to a diffused space without a particular lure. These small spaces will allow you to generate interest with specific features like a recirculating fountain or fire pit or play up fun and unique details like antique iron pieces or a sculpture piece by a favorite artist. Add lushness to your garden space with large, lavishly planted pots that create visual impact with minimal water usage. Do you have a unique existing feature on your site like a beautiful old tree or an interesting boulder? Consider incorporating it into your living space! Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside, literally, of the four walls.

It's All in the Details

Now that we’re thinking intimate, lets get down to the details. Unique details in your garden room are what make your space interesting and a unique expression of your personality and lifestyle. An interesting umbrella can cohesively tie a space together and provide an inviting retreat.  Similarly, an outdoor rug helps to define your living area. Unusual light fixtures are an excellent way to incorporate an interest element and boost ambiance in the evening. Get funky with antique garden ornaments or go global with pieces from your favorite importer. Support local arts with hand picked sculpture pieces from a local artist. Don’t forget about considering a water feature which can create an excellent focal point and relaxing mood.

'Tis the Season

Maintaining an intimate space and focusing on details allows you to change things up easily to enhance a mood or play up an event. For example, we love designing with the seasons. Think cooling summer retreat, warming autumn getaway, welcoming winter focal points. Swapping out the details allows you to easily transform a space with the flow of the seasons. This intimate Southwest courtyard shows us that changing out your décor with the seasons allows you to easily change the tone of your space.

Remember, you can always SHOP the latest and greatest outdoor living ideas right here on Kumquat Garden!




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