Easy Ways to Make your Outdoor Space Comfortable for Winter

January 15, 2018

Easy Ways to Make your Outdoor Space Comfortable for Winter

The holidays have come and gone and we find ourselves in a cold January, cuddled up with the last of the eggnog trying to ward off the post-holiday blues. With winter festivities behind us and summer so very far away, us lovers of the outdoors can't help but get the distinctive itch of cabin fever. Instead of wallowing in wintry melancholy, we've decided to bundle up and enjoy our favorite room of the house (our outdoor room, of course!) in cold weather style. Get back into your happy place with these Easy Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable for Winter from Lea Schneider for Redfin.

Loving your outdoor space doesn’t have to end with winter days. In much of the country, porches, patios and decks can be used in the winter with just a few changes.

As evenings get darker earlier during the fall and winter, you don’t have to give up on your outdoor living. Instead, get your patio ready for a different season. Being able to use your favorite spot for more months of the year really extends that investment. These simple changes can be used season after season.

1. Bring on the Bright

Grey days and early sunsets mean you need to amp up your lighting. There are several ways to bring in more light. Add a ceiling light to brighten the whole porch. Many outdoor living areas have a ceiling fan, so you can add a light kit to your existing fan or swap it out entirely for one with lights.

Bring in some sparkle with string lights strung around the edge of your porch or zigzagging over your seating area. Finally, add a few table lamps or floor lamps next to your favorite chairs. These will make it bright enough to read or play board games.

2. Add a Heater

It might be chilly, but you don’t have to be. There are lots of options for bringing in warmth. Add a space heater or two, or build a fire in an outdoor fireplace or chiminea. There are even osculating heaters that blow warmth around the area. You’ll find there are numerous options of heaters, such as electric and propane, so you can find one that suits your space.

3. Put Warmth Under Foot

Patio rug

Roll out a rug under your seating area. It will be a nice barrier between cold concrete or as a windbreak between deck boards. Since pets love to hang out with you, this gives them a comfortable place to rest. An indoor-outdoor rug won’t be bothered by winter rain and snow, as it will dry quickly and is easily cleaned.

4. Snuggle Up

patio blankets

Gather up your collection of throws and blankets and move them to the outdoors. Rolls of the colorful covers are eye-catching and spell warmth. Place some over your patio chairs and snuggle under a few as you enjoy time outside.

5. Stay Green

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean you have to settle for dead flower pots on your porch or patio. Bring in some greenery by adding small pines or evergreens to your porch pots. For a bit of cascade, you can even add hardy ivy. In warmer Southern states, you can tuck violas and pansies around the small trees for a bit of color. When the winter ends and you’re ready for summer flowers in your pots, you can transplant your evergreens into your home’s landscape.

There will certainly be chilly and cold days this winter, but you’ll still be able to enjoy fresh air and the peace of your outdoor living space with a few steps toward a lighter and warmer environment.


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