6 Tips for Stunning Fall Decor

September 26, 2016

6 Tips for Stunning Fall Decor

As we say goodbye to another warm (ok, unbearably hot) summer like a guest that has overstayed their welcome, we're relishing in the deliciously crisp air and blissful comforts that come with the arrival of the cooler months. As the temperatures drop and and the days shorten, many of us find ourselves pulling inward toward the warming sanctuary of our homes and families. As such, we adore seasonal decorating in the fall as it gives us a chance to reconnect with our living space. Likewise, the rich colors, smells, and textures of autumn make a fantastic palate for our inner decorista (or decoristo) to work with. Here are some of our favorite tips and ideas for decorating in the harvest season.

Focus your Resources

Cozy courtyard decorated for autumn with chairs around a fireplaceFocus your attention on selectively decorating a couple of small, focal living areas of your home and garden, rather than trying to decorate the entire house. This allows you to create rich and cozy vignettes with maximum impact. In contrast, spreading out decor elements will have a diluted effect. Additionally, it can quickly start to feel like overkill to have every corner of your house represented by a member of the gourd family. Instead, create thoughtful seasonal interest in the areas of the home where your family and guests spend the most time and your efforts will get the most enjoyment. We like to focus on tabletop centerpieces, entertaining areas, porch or patio seating areas, mantels, etc. Select a few defined spaces in your home and let the decorating begin!

Expand Your Color Palette

Festive autumn tabletop centerpiece with plum and orange aceent colorsHere at Kumquat, we're big fans of orange, all day everyday. But we're also equal opportunity color lovers and can go giddy for just about any glorious hue of the rainbow. This is why our autumn-inspired decor steps out of the orange/yellow/brown box and we encourage you to do the same. Think deep plums, luxurious burgundies, soothing neutrals, vibrant reds, dusty greens, etc. We're not saying "don't use orange," but, rather, consider incorporating some thrilling and unexpected colors into your decor. This fall centerpiece featured on Elle Decor has our full love and adoration. Deep plum, burgundy, and green perfectly accentuate warm metallic accents and stunning pops of buttery orange for a look that is both appropriately festive and totally unforgettable.
Image: Elle Decor

Autumn Produce Make Beautiful Decor

Autumn is the traditional time of harvest, a time when we celebrate the bounty of the growing season. While today's Season of Pumpkin Spice may not have the same meaning as it used to, we love using edibles in our fall decor as a nod to tradition and because there are so many wonderful and creative ways to use fruits, roots, and veggies around the home. Pumpkins are, of course, the token edible-turned-decor but some of our other delectable favorites include pomegranates, pears, persimmons, apples, root veggies, wheat stalks, artichokes, and assorted gourds. The list goes on; get creative! Your local farmer's market is a great way to source decor-worthy produce that speaks to your region. Try incorporating some greenery from your garden to bring out the colors of your edibles and add a sense of richness and depth to your vignette. The best part? When the guests go home, your family can enjoy the crown jewels of your centerpiece as part of a delicious, seasonally-inspired recipe.










Set the Mood with Festive Lighting

Enhance your decor with string lights and candlelight

Lighting is essential to how we experience a space. Even the most beautifully designed home will feel uncomfortable without good lighting. Consider your lighting as a part of your decor. Small light elements like, lanterns, candles, string lights, faux branches with lights, etc. can take your decor from pretty to pure magic. When decorating the outdoors, we are partial to using realistic LED candles in place of real candles as they mitigate the risk of fire and do not extinguish in the breeze. They can be used indoors as well for the same reasons. 

Images: Sugar Pie Farmhouse, Sunset Magazine, Elle Decor

Turn your Decor into a Sensory Experience

Naatural Scents to Make your House Feel like Fall
Scent can be an incredibly powerful tool for eliciting an emotional response, recalling a memory, and setting a mood. Utilizing scent in your decor can elevate your efforts from a pleasing visual into a delighting sensory experience. A slow-simmering pot of spiced cider on the stove instantly sets a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A wreath or garland of eucalyptus or evergreens creates a calming yet invigorating tone. Pine cones sprinkled with cinnamon essential oil (or an essential oil of your choice) are a great way to incorporate a seasonally-inspired visual and scent element into your space. For more ideas on making your home smell like heaven in autumn, check out House Beautiful's 10 Cozy Ways to Make your Home Smell like Fall

Paint your Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins and gourds are a fun and fresh way to decorate with this quintessential fall icon. From intricate patterns and unexpected colors, to chalk paint and metallic hues, the creative options are as boundless as they are beautiful. This is a great way to incorporate striking and on-trend metallic accents like these copper gourds from Babble or the gorgeous metallic foil pumpkins from Amy Buchanan on her blog, AttaGirlSays.

Copper Painted Gourds for Fall Decor on Babble.com

Metalic Foiled Pumpkins By Atta Girl SaysIf metallic accents aren't your cup of spiced cider, paint your pumpkins to pick up on other colors and patterns from your decor. Blogger KariAnne used neutral tones with an intricate pattern to complement her soft and natural autumn decor palette as seen on Thistlewood Farms.

  Intricate Painted Pumpkin on Thistlewood Farms

For more decor and lifestyle inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. What are your favorite way to decorate for autumn? As always, we love hearing from you! Comment below or find us on Facebook

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