Fabulous Gifts Under 50 Bucks - The Holiday Gift Guide

December 01, 2017

Fabulous Gifts Under 50 Bucks - The Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift giving can be considered a bit of a science and an art - the science of observation and the art of anticipating the needs and desires of your recipient. We've all experienced the joy of giving a gift we know someone will love but we also know that it can be a struggle, not to mention stressful, when the perfect idea is as illusive as the season's first snowflake. Not to worry, we've compiled some great gift ideas so that you can tackle your gift list quickly and get back to the important things this holiday season: baking cookies and cleaning up pine needles. Did we mention? Everything on this list is under the budget-friendly mark of 50 buckaroos. That’s a holiday win!

Christmas Hearth Soy Candle

Christmas Hearth Soy CandleGive the gift of festive holiday spirit with the Christmas Hearth Soy Candle. Appealing seasonal notes of pine, fir, and orange spice melt away holiday stress and brighten the mood of even the grumpiest of Grinches. This elegant candle is crafted from natural soy wax made from US grown soybeans, cotton eco-wicks (lead & zinc free), and natural essential oils. The eye-catching glass jar is made from 50% recycled glass, making this a perfect gift for the environmentally sensitive candle lover. Burn time: approximately 50 hours; 8.5oz. Christmas Hearth Soy Candle, $28

Gold Mini Tin Candle Gift Set

Gold Mini Candle Gift SetThere is something undeniably special about a personalized holiday present. Create your own scent collection to gift with the Gold Mini Tin Candle Gift Set, crafted from eco-friendly soy wax and real wood wicks. Hand-pick four luscious and unique scents from earthy and complex to light and fruity with your recipient in mind. Each set includes four 2oz gold-colored candle tins with a cedar wood wick that will arrive in a hand-stamped muslin gift bag. These candles are proudly handcrafted in Austin, Texas. Please email customerservice@kumquatgarden.com with your fragrance selections after purchase. Burn time up to 40 hours; set of 4 (2oz each). Gold Mini Tin Gift Set, $25

Hand-Embroidered Aprons

Hand-Embroidered Bahar Apron from PalestineWhat makes a gift from the heart even more meaningful? A gift from the heart that benefits other people in need! That is exactly what you get with the Almas and Bahar aprons. Each of these lovely waist aprons is hand-embroidered by refugee and low-income women in Palestine. They are made with locally-sourced cotton blend fabric and cotton embroidery thread to further support the local community. Choose from the lovely cream-colored Almas apron or navy blue Bahar apron, both with unique embroidered detail on the pocket. This is truly a useful gift that you can feel just as good about gifting as your recipient will enjoy receiving. Ships from the USA. Size: 22" x 18" with 18" straps. Hand-Embroidered Aprons, $22

Artisan Hand-Poured Soap

Lemon, Sage and Ginger Soap with Fig PowderThere is something special and luxurious about a beautifully crafted and thoughtfully scented soap. Whether its a nice bar in a guest bathroom or next to your bathtub, the act of washing, hands or body, can be a small, relaxing reprieve from your day. Give the gift of this rejuvenating pause to your recipient with our micro-batch, hand-crafted, vegan soaps in a variety of botanically inspired scents. Escape to a juicy summer day with Black Strawberry & Melon Tea, made with activated charcoal known for its purification properties. Or, relax in an herb garden with Basil, Sage & Mint, made with French Green Clay and Dead Sea Clay. For something refreshing, try Lemon, Sage, and Ginger with fig powder. Mix and match for the perfect gift set and don't forget to treat yourself too! Size: 4 fl. oz. Made in the USA.  Artisan Soap, $10

All Natural Men’s Grooming Kit

Men's Natural Grooming Kit by Boomer & co.Men deserve to be pampered to! The Boomer & Co. Men’s Grooming Kit line features hand-crafted, all natural body wash (8oz), a rich-lathering shaving soap bar (4 oz), and aftershave (4 oz). The body wash is a balanced formula for all skin types enriched with Aloe Vera to nourish skin (can also be used as a shampoo). The shaving soap bar produces a rich lather with a blend of oils to protect skin and provide optimal blade glide with no residue. Finish the routine with Boomer’s crowd-favorite, quick absorbing aftershave to prevent shave irritation. Hydrating witch hazel and aloe soothe and prevent irritated skin, bumps, and redness. Unique and pleasing scent combinations like Bourbon & Sandalwood, Bay Rum & Lime, and Citrus & Cedar will turn your man’s routine into a transformative and relaxing reprieve from daily stressors. Add the Proraso Shave Brush to complete the experience. Made in the USA. Men’s Grooming Kit, $30

True Moringa Lip Whip

True Moringa Lip WhipDo you have a clean beauty fanatic on your list? We have just the thing! The True Moringa collection of clean and glamorous lip whips are naturally colored and flavored with a hint of color, shimmer and moisture. Each blend contains moringa oil, which is packed with crucial fatty acids, antioxidants, and zeatin (known for stimulating cell division, growth and delaying aging of cells). This is perfect for cracked winter lips that need little holiday cheer. Not worry, you wont find any parabens or sulfates in this vegan formula. Available in Moonlight (white gold & peppermint), Mystery (burgundy & anise), and Truth (pink yarrow & coco). Size: .25oz. True Morninga Lip Whip, $16

Perfume Solid with Pure Essential Oils 

Solid Perfume with Pure Essential OilsThese all natural essential oil perfume solids made with beeswax and vitamin E make great little gifts or perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who enjoys garden-inspired scents. Each pleasantly subtle fragrance is perfect for everyday wear-ability or great as a layering scent that is all your own. The small tin containers make these perfume solids perfect for a purse or travel bag. Each scent is handmade to order by Megan’s Apothecary out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Choose from Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Lavender + Ylang Ylang, Calming (Lavender + Chamomile), or Grapefruit + Jasmine. Size options: .25 fl oz or .5 fl oz. Perfume Solid with Pure Essential Oils, $8-$14

Botanical Perfume Roller, Set of Three

Botanical Perfume Roller, Set of 3This all-natural perfume oil trio is the perfect gift set for someone who loves essential oils and all natural products. The set includes one Lavender perfume roller, one Ylang Ylang perfume roller, and one Vanilla Bean perfume roller, all in a skin-healthy jojoba oil base. Each scent can be worn alone, and can be layered in any combination for a customized scent. The rollers are also available as singles for $18/each. Artisan handcrafted and made to order by Megan’s Apothecary out of New Orleans, LA. Botanical Perfume Set of Three, $45

All Natural Lavender Bath Soak

All Natural Lavender Bath SoakGive the much-appreciated gift of relaxation to your favorite holiday reveler. A blend of dead sea salt and Epsom salt is mixed with therapeutic grade Lavender Essential Oil for deep, rejuvenating relaxation with an aromatherapy component. The soak comes in a sweet glass jar with a wooden scoop. You might just make someone’s holiday season a little more magical without the weight of stress and aching muscles. Made to order and handcrafted by Megan’s Apothecary out of New Orleans, LA. Size: 4oz (approx. 2-4 baths). All Natural Lavender Bath Soak, $11

Rose Geranium Bath Bomb 

Rose Geranium Bath BombBath bombs are all the rage and make fantastic gifts. But, do you know what’s in some of those colorful, fizzing concoctions? If you’ve got an ingredient-conscious, naturally inclined person on your list who could use some serious pampering, look not further than the naturally luscious Rose Geranium Bath Bombs, handmade to order by Megan’s Apothecary out of New Orleans, LA. These skin-soothing bombs are made with natural essential oils, dried rose petals, healing kaolin clay, and nourishing Epsom and sea salts for an at-home spa experience that is totally luxurious. Available in quantities of one, two or three. Rose Geranium Bath Bomb, $6-$15

Herbal Spa Facial Steam with Chamomile, Calendula, & Comfrey

Herbal Facial SteamGive a relaxing at-home steam facial with a jar of hand-blended facial steam herbs. Straight-from-the-garden goodness of chamomile, calendula, and comfrey soothe tired winter skin and relax the senses. To use, simply place the herbs in a large glass bowl and fill with boiling water. Lean over the bowl and place a towel over your head to trap the steam. Relax, breathe deeply, and allow the stream to open your pores for a few minutes or until steam is no longer being produced. Gently rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel. Finish with your favorite moisturizer, serum, or face oil. Happy skin is always a great gift! Comes in a cute glass jar (4oz). Handmade to order by Megan’s Apothecary out of New Orleans, LA. Herbal Spa Facial Steam, $8

Travel Essentials Gift Set

Botanical Travel SetGifting to a frequent traveler? The Travel Essentials Gift Set is perfect for that someone who is always on the go. The set includes a Tension and Headache Relief Roller with essential oils, jojoba, and emu oil, Coconut Oil Lip Balm with beeswax, almond oil, and vitamin E, Sore Muscle Rub (.5 oz) a best seller formulated to relive deep muscle pain after long flights and strenuous days, and Thieves Oil Salve (.5 oz) with immune boosting Thieves essential oil, healing calendula, and beeswax. All blends in the gift set are handmade to order by Megan’s Apothecary in New Orleans, LA. Travel Essentials Gift Set, $25

Garden Stationary Gift Set

Garden Stationary Gift SetElegant stationary is one of our favorite gift ideas, simply because it is lovely and useful to your recipient. This beautiful set is perfect for a garden enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the aesthetic. The set includes: Herb Garden Wreath Thank You Cards (5 pack), Herb Garden Markers (set of 6), Herb Garden Market List Notepad on kraft paper with back magnet, Veggie and Herb Note Cards (4 pack), and a Fruit Mint Herbal Tea Sachet. This charming set is produced by artisan stationary maker, idea chic, out of Glandale, Colorado using their 1930's letterpress lovingly named "Hazel." For other stationary gift ideas, check out the Blooming Gift Set, the Kitchen Gift Set, the Outdoor Gift Set, and the Flower and Gardening Gift Set. Garden Stationary Gift Set, $30

Danita Marble and Wood Cheese Board

Danita Marble and Wood Cheese BoardCheese is one of those things in life that is just about universally loved by all. As such, a nice cheese board is just about a universal necessity and great gift idea. The beautiful Danita Marble and Wood Cheese Board is a gorgeous addition to an hors d'oeuvre spread. Striking white marble with a mango wood base show class and sophistication while maintaining a neutrality to compliment any décor. Its slim shape makes it perfectly convenient and versatile. Measures: 19"h x 6"w x .75." Danita Marble and Wood Cheese Board, $45

Grapevine Wine Coaster and Stopper Set

Grapevine Wine Coster and Stopper SetDo you have a discriminating wine lover on your list? We know from experience that they can be particularly challenging to shop for. If this sounds like your giftee, the Grapevine Wine Coaster and Stopper Set in an elegant gift box is the perfect offering. Picturesque grapevines wind around the coaster and a detailed bunch of grapes sits atop the wine stopper. Your lucky recipient will feel transported to a Tuscan vineyard whenever they use this set. Best part? This thoughtful gift requires that no time be spent in the wine shop agonizing over the perfect bottle for your host's "discerning" palate. Grapevine Wine Coaster and Stopper Set, $49

Acorn Oak Leaf Cheese Tool Set

Acorn Leaf Tool Set Pretty, charming, and practical, this three-piece Acorn and Oak Leaf Pattern Cheese Serving Set includes a flat cheese knife for serving and breaking up hard cheese, a spreader for soft cheeses or condiments and a round, striated acacia board. The 10” diameter board is perfectly sized for one or two cheese selections and some crackers or condiments. These make great gifts for couples just starting out or your favorite cheese lover. Acorn Leaf Cheese Tool Set, $45

Olive Canoe Serving Tray

Olive Canoe Serving TrayDo you have someone on your list that loves to entertain? Help them serve in style at their next party with the handcrafted Olive Canoe Serving Tray. This fun and unique piece is perfect for olives, chocolates, or other fine treats that are meant to be savored one by one. The Mediterranean-inspired olive branch motif is crafted from sand-cast aluminum alloy and comes ready for gifting in a nice gift box. Measures 10”L x 1.5”W. Olive Canoe Serving Tray, $26

Pineapple Bread Tray

Pineapple Bread Serving TrayFor the kitchen, baking, or entertaining lover that seems to have everything, we present the totally fabulous and on-trend Pineapple Bread Tray in signature aluminum alloy. This elegant and fun tray features pineapple leaves erupting from the crown and base while star-like details allude to the spikey texture of the outer shell. Corner flourishes complete the look of this unique, handmade piece. And, while it may be called a “bread tray,” this neat dish is perfect for a variety of dishes and treats. Plus, the aluminum can be chilled in the freezer or warmed up to 350 degrees in the oven to keep the cold cold and the warm warm. Measures 6”x12.” Pineapple Bread Tray, $39

Vintage-Style Wood Veneer Coasters



Vintage Wood Veneer CoastersAs far as cool goes, these bar coasters are pretty darn cool. Inspired by vintage bottle labels, this set of four coasters features “whiskey,” “beer,” “bourbon,” and “scotch” printed on natural wood veneer attached to cork. Each measures approximately 4” x 4” with rounded corners, perfect for an end table, bar, or coffee table. These make great gifts for men or anyone into the vintage bar aesthetic. Vintage-Style Wood Veneer Coasters, $12


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