The Outdoor Living Enthusiast's Cold-Weather Survival Guide

October 01, 2017

The Outdoor Living Enthusiast's Cold-Weather Survival Guide

Denial is futile. Believe us, we've tried. But, alas, the trees are changing color, the air is crisp, and pumpkin everything is, well, everywhere. Don't get us wrong, we love autumn just as much as the next person but, for any die-hard outdoor living and garden enthusiast such as ourselves, the sudden change in weather leaves us feeling a little... displaced. Gone are the endless summer evenings of tending to our overflowing pots and fluffing our favorite outdoor pillows. We may look contented curled up to next to the fire with a cozy blanket but, deep down, we can't shake the miserable notion that summer is a long ways off. That is why, with the obligatory Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, we have devised the Outdoor Living Enthusiast's Cold-Weather Survival Guide where we get creative to bring the best of the outdoors in. Keep reading for our picks in the ultimate (indoor) outdoor living essentials.

    1. Grow Something Green with the Aspect 40w LED Decor Growlight

      This pretty little pendant light is a serious game changer for green thumbs or green thumb wannabes frustrated with the struggles of growing flourishing house plants with limited indoor light. While there are plenty of indoor grow lights on the market, this sleek LED pendant light was designed specifically with interior design aesthetics in mind while delivering the ideal light spectrum for your plants. This means that you can have a gorgeous, flourishing lemon tree in your living room, or even a pineapple in your bedroom, all without sacrificing your decor sensibilities. GAME. CHANGER. Maybe winter won't be so bad after all. Maybe. Aspect 40W LED Decor Growlight - White, $150.
      Aspect LED Growlight in a kitchen with Basil   Aspect Indoor Decor LED Growlight in White
    2. Bring the Walls to Life with an Indoor Vertical Living Wall Planter

      What better way is there to bring the outdoors inside than a gorgeous living wall in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? Living walls lend a beautiful vivaciousness to any room and provide the added infusion of fresh oxygen into your interior living space. This is the perfect way to keep your spirits high during the darkest winter months. Plant with herbs in the kitchen for a fresh supply all year around or your favorite succulents or house plants anywhere you'd like. Pair the Aspect Growlight for a flourishing display.  12 Pocket Indoor Waterproof Vertical Living Wall Planter, $40
      Living Wall Verticle Indoor Planter
    3. Keep the Green, Ditch the Work with Faux Foliage

      We understand, house plants just aren't your thing. Too much mess, too much time, too easy to neglect. That's okay, we won't tell. But, its still nice to have a green accent here and there to lighten up a gray winter day. This is why we love fake plants - for the fresh look of a flourishing plant with zero effort. That's a win if you ask us. Whether you're into the contemporary look of grasses or want to go full on tropical with a lush palm tree, we've got your back. And, for the holidays, don't forget to check out the preserved boxwood topiary for festive cheer with no effort. Faux Foliage, $61-$207
      Fake Onion Grass in Marbled Blue Planter

    4. Decorate your Walls with Botanical Inspiration

      Celebrate your garden lifestyle any time of the year with vintage seed packet-inspired prints. These lovely prints will add a little charming vintage style to your home while doubling as a veggie and herb garden wish list when the warmer months roll around. Choose from Sage, Thyme, Onion, Carrot, Beet, or Herb Garden. Mix and match or get them all! Product Prints 8"x10" $9.00

      Onion Botanical PrintCarrot Botanical Print

    5. Swing Your Winter Blues Away in a Handmade Swing Chair

      There is nothing like a relaxing swing in the garden on a summer afternoon with a warm breeze and an iced tea. Take that feeling inside during the colder months with a beautiful handmade swing chair that looks just as good inside as it does out. Switch out the iced tea for a hot tea, light a candle, and be transported to your personal garden-inspired indoor paradise. In addition to being gorgeous, each of these chairs is carefully hand-woven by a collective of talented artisans out of Masaya, Nicaragua. The collective works on principles of fair trade, sustainability, and workplace ethics wherein each member is regularly employed with healthcare, paid vacations/holidays, contributions to a retirement plan, and more. We are honored to be a part of their mission to empower artisans and their community. Handmade Macrame Hanging Chair, $309  P.S. Babies like a relaxing swing too. Find beautiful Macrame Baby Swing Chairs here.

      Hanging Macrame Swing Chair in Cream with Cream Cushion

    6. Hideaway in a Cacoon

      Something about cold weather and short, dark days makes us want to hideaway somewhere cozy until the weather warms. Don't worry, we've done the research and concluded that the perfect place for your semi-hibernation is the Cacoon. Part tent and part swing, Cacoons come in 3 sizes and are the perfect destination for a cozy nap or delightful hideaway. Fill with pretty pillows and a fuzzy throw blanket and you might never leave. The best part is that Cacoons can be hung outside for a blissful backyard escape in the summer months. Bonus: Cacoons make amazing gifts for all of your favorite people this holiday season. Cacoons, $250-550

      Single Cacoon in Turquoise with Pillows
    7.  Warming Scents of Summer

      Scent is one of our most powerful senses when it comes to memory and setting a mood. Bring your senses to a babbling creek side on a warm summer day with a Fern + Moss Wooden Wick Candle. This gorgeous scent blend of greenery, ozone, violet, rose, fern, oakmoss, and earthy musk will transform any cold spell into your favorite summer day. Perfect for lifting spirits and daydreaming sessions. Fern + Moss Wooden Wick Candle 16oz, $35
      Fern + Moss Wooden Wick Candle
    8. For the Love of Lanterns

      Long, leisurely dinners under the stars lit by candlelight top our "things we miss about summer" list. We love the warm air, great company, and romance of the flickering candlelight. Recreate that summer ambience on your fall and winter dinner tables with candle lanterns. Warm, dancing flames flickering through intricate patterns instantly create a festive and inviting atmosphere. When the weather warms, bring your lanterns outside to continue the magic. Lanterns, $39-$269
      Maya Tea Light Lantern White Balin Candle Lantern SilverCassara Pierced Metal Lantern
    9. Sit Casual with a Bean Bag and Pouf

      One of the charms of outdoor living that we love is a comfortable, casual experience where we get to relax, unwind, and be ourselves. This is an feeling that can be missing from the indoor experience where lounging and seating is often more formal. As you design your get-me-through-the-winter indoor outdoor oasis, consider casual, comfortable, and fun seating to liven up your space. This can be a silly, lay-on-the-floor, let-go kind of space that kids will love but adults will adore. We love vibrant bean bags and poufs for this purpose. Our bean bags and poufs are colorful, durable, made in the USA, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are also great for kids rooms and outdoor play areas. Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bags and Poufs, $74.95-$199.95
      Aztec Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag Chili PepperSunsetter Indoor/Outdoor Pouf Chili Pepper

    10. Freshen Up your Glassware

Of course, no outdoor experience indoors is complete without something delicious to drink while you unwind and dream of better weather ahead. Our hand-painted Fern Glasses bring the elegant charm of summer to your hand any time of year. Choose from Metallic Gold or Green and fill with your favorite cocktail or beverage. Fern Drinking Glasses, $25  

Hand-painted green fern drinking glasses    Hand=painted gold fern drinking glasses

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