The Kumquat Garden 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

December 14, 2016

The Kumquat Garden 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Giving a heart-felt gift can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but, let's face it, sometimes it can be downright difficult to figure out what wonder to bestow upon your gift recipient. This time of year, checking off every name on your list with a fabulous, thoughtful gift can be daunting at best. Luckily, we've got you covered with holiday gift ideas for all of your lucky gift recipients.

The Mixologist

Pineapple Lime Artisan Mixer by Morris KitchenEveryone from the casual amateur home mixologist to the bottle-juggling professional can appreciate the artisan-produced Morris Kitchen Syrups and Mixers out of Brooklyn, New York. The Morris Kitchen Syrups and Mixers are produced with carefully sourced ingredients and unique flavors for out-of-this-word concoctions that will thrill the liquid enthusiasts on your holiday gift list. Morris Kitchen Syrups and Mixers: $13-$15 

The Traveler

The Travel Gift Set by Milk + HoneyWe can't help but be just a tad bit envious of that person in our lives who always seems to be heading off on a great adventure. Jealous or not, this year you have the perfect gift for your favorite jet setter - The Travel Set by Milk + Honey out of Austin, Texas. All of Milk and Honey's product blends are non-toxic, organic, plant based, and totally luxurious (trust us, we're obsessed). Their limited-time holiday Travel Set gift box is specially curated with relaxing Bath & Body Oil, refreshing Cream Deodorant, invigorating Lip Polish, and Hand Purifier to keep your traveler going through long days on the go. Play your cards right and maybe you'll get to go on the next trip! The Travel Set: $99

The Wine-Loving Adventurer

Vinotrek Stainless Steel Wine Glasses and GrowlerWhat could be better than exploring beautiful new places and discovering new adventures? Doing it with your favorite bottle of wine, of course! If you know someone who lives by that mantra, we have the perfect gift for them: the VinoTrek Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses and Stainless Steel Wine Growler. This heavenly team is made of unique shatter-proof stainless steel that was designed for outdoor use with high performance vacuum insulation to keep your favorite beverage cool without sacrificing taste. In short, durability meets elegance for a good time. Vinotrek Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses: $40 / Vinotrek Stainless Steel Wine Growler: $40

The Crafty DIYer

Candle Making Kit by Olive & HyssopWhat do you get the person who has everything... because they made it themselves? Eureka, we've got it! Check out our fabulous soy wax candle making kits by artisan candle maker, Olive & Hyssop out of New York City. These kits feature everything necessary to make a gorgeous candle in any (fire safe) vessel desired. Additionally, Olive & Hyssop's soy wax is all natural, clean burning, environmentally safe, and biodegradable (yes!). Each kit comes with the wax, wicks, and the desired scented oil blend that can be added to the creator's liking. Basically, this is the best gift ever for any candle-loving, crafty person. Olive & Hyssop Soy Wax Candle Making Kits $24

The Stressed-Out Workaholic

The Unwind Gift Set for busy people by Milk + Honey Life can be stressful (especially during the holidays) and we hate to see the people we love stressed out. Give the gift of blissful relaxation with Milk + Honey's The Unwind Set. This set features: a mineral salt bath soak with a soothing and mood-elevating blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, and Petitgrain; a luxurious and hydrating body cream with Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Cardamom in an antioxidant-rich base of organic aloe juice, shea butter, and coconut oil; an invigorating and hydrating lip polish with organic sugars and oils; and a mood-lifting, stress-busting room fragrance with Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Cardamom to keep frazzled nerves at bay. After all, relaxed people are happy people! The Unwind Set by Milk + Honey $79

The Foodie

Marble and Wood Cheese Boards for EntertainingNothing says chic and trendy in the food world like beautiful stone cheese boards. Check out our gorgeous collection of stone and wood cheese boards in all of the shapes and sizes a foodie's heart could desire. Such a gift *could* have future benefits for you, just saying. Stone Cheese Boards $45 - $95.

The Freezing Friend

Winterfiber Baby Alpaca Throw BlanketWe all have that one person in our lives who is always cold. Enter our lineup of luxuriously warm and wonderfully soft Winterfiber Alpaca throw blankets. For those not in the know, the Alpaca fiber is truly amazing. It is incredibly soft (softer than cashmere!), durable, moisture/odor resistant, and has hypoallergenic properties. The fibers are fine and lightweight yet incredibly warm. You will be a true hero to your freezing friend AND a hero to the traditional Alpaca farming communities in Peru. The yarns for these beautiful throws are responsibly sourced from Peruvian Alpaca farmers and help to support their traditional livelihood. Winterfiber Baby Alpaca Throws $399

The Sore Athlete

The Power Gift Set by Milk + Honey for sore muscles If someone on your list just invested in a gym membership for the new year, you're going to want to get them the The Power Set by Milk & Honey. This powerhouse of a set features a potent muscle soak with rejuvenating Eucalyptus, Arnica, Rosemary, and Sweet Marjoram; a bath and body oil blend of Eucalyptus, Arnica, Rosemary, and Sweet Marjoram formulated for sore muscles and aching joints; a potent Arnica Balm to soothe overworked muscles; and Milk + Honey's popular aluminum-free cream deodorant with coconut and lemongrass oil. The Power Set by Milk + Honey $99

The Kids (of all ages)

Cacoon Hanging Tents Gifts for Kids and AdultsWhat about gifts for the kids, you ask? One word: Cacoon. The best-selling hanging tents by Cacoon can be hung inside for the perfect bedroom nook or outside in the garden as an escape to play, imagine, and rest. Or, even better, the Cacoon can be brought along on favorite outdoor adventures. But we can't let the kids have all of the fun! Cacoons come in 3 sizes: Bonasai for the kids; Single for one adult; and Double for 2 adults (or a handful of kids). You might just need one for everyone in the family. Cacoons $250-$500

The Lip Balm Hoarder

Protective Olive Oil Lip BalmAnd then there is the person who can't leave the house without an arsenal of moisturizing lip products. We've got the balm-obsessed covered with Protective Olive Complex Lip Balm by TheArtOfLiving.Earth. Formulated in Italy (where they know a thing or two about olives and a thing or two about beauty), this concentrated antioxidant-intensive and deeply hydrating blend helps to redefine lip contour and will impress any lip-product enthusiast. To void potential lip envy, you might just want to get one for yourself while you're at it. Protective Olive Complex Lip Balm $12

Hopefully we've given you a few ideas to help ease your gift-giving worries. Any comments or questions? We always love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook or send us an email (

Happy Holidays,
The Kumquat Team



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