About Us

Kumquat Garden Founders Catherine & ElizabethKumquat Garden was born out of a passion for the outdoor lifestyle, a yearning for fluidity between the interior and exterior threshold that brings a renewed sense of well-being and vibrancy to home life. Outdoor living is a phrase we often hear these days. But, to us, outdoor living is so much more than a buzzword. It is a desire to create something altogether unique, a passion to elevate your lifestyle above the mundane and into the unexpected. It is placing a high value on home life and the quality of time we spend in that space with the people that matter the most to us. It is a renewed zest we bring to our daily lives and the physical spaces we reside in.

Just like inside your home, a garden is never truly finished until it is furnished and personalized with accessories. Our hand-selected collections of quality products and curated collections are thoughtfully chosen to give you the inside scoop an just what it takes to create a remarkable outdoor living space for yourself. We focus on handcrafted, unique items ranging from gorgeous hand-painted patio umbrellas and hand-woven artisan hammocks and swing chairs to chic outdoor pillows and alpaca throw blankets (for cozy starlit snuggles). Whatever your flavor, the outdoors is your palette and we are your paint.

Meet the Team
Office dogs "Dottie" and "Reggie"
Behind every small business are the people that give it a heartbeat. Kumquat Garden is the manifestation of a longtime dream of landscape architect, Catherine Clemens, to open a garden and outdoor living boutique. With over 40 years in the outdoor industry, Catherine has a passion for bringing high style to the outdoors. While the original vision was a local retail store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Catherine, together with her daughter Elizabeth, decided an online boutique was a better way to reach a larger audience and stay nimble through the ever-changing tides of commerce. Along with the Office Dog Dream Team (“Dottie” the English mastiff and "Reggie" the Shar Pei), Catherine and Elizabeth handle the daily operations and artistic direction of Kumquat Garden. Thanks for stopping by.

We love hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or to just say “hi.”

Warm wishes,

Catherine & Elizabeth