Aspect 40W LED Decor Growlight - Black

ITS ALL HERE - brilliance, beauty, and power - in one compact unit. It's the Aspect and it's the FIRST top of the line pendant growlight with LED brilliance that fits in any room setting. No more ugly red & blue color with traditional growlights, enhance your home with this sleek design. Perfect for the horticulture hobbyist or as an interior design option. 

Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Have you ever considered growing a lemon tree indoors? Maybe strawberries on the wall? A pineapple? I know what you’re thinking, there is NO WAY I can grow a pineapple in my house! Actually, it is quite easy with the support of the Aspect. 

The Aspect is the first LED grow light developed specifically for interior design, allowing you to grow whatever plant you want wherever you want while aesthetically enhancing any space. Because it is designed with the latest LED lighting technology, the Aspect is able to provide the ideal light spectrum for your plant while maintaining a warm white (3000K) color. 

As a light made for growing plants as well as interior design, we wanted to create an option for a lamp shade to be placed over our lighting fixture. This allows you to change the appearance of the light to fix your interior needs. The lamp shade hook allows you to keep the sleek, industrial, black design.

Material: Aluminum

Item Fit / Dimensions: W 4" / D 4" / H 6" / 3.5 lb.

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days

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